Kevin Flahavan Elected to the VCTLA Board of Directors.

On January 24th, 2017, Kevin Flahavan was officially elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association. For decades, the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association has been committed to bettering the civil justice system, the lawyers who serve it, and the community it serves. The Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association […]

Wow! … Exactly Why Employee Guidelines Aren’t Enough

There are a lot of personal injury cases that deal with whether employers can (and should) be held liable for the actions of their employees. In almost every profession, an employee is given a handbook, courses, and/or other training that lay out what the safety systems and procedures are for certain situations. Below is a […]

Can NFL Be Sued for Dangerous Scheduling?

The National Football League is back and if you are anything like me, that means your Sundays are booked for the next few months. As we turn on our televisions in the weeks to come, we will undoubtedly notice players from our favorite team missing games for various injuries. Of course, injuries are part of […]

Establishing the Reasonable Cost of Medical Bills – Still No Good Answer

One issue we see come up deals with the reasonable cost of medical bills for those who are uninsured. Bermudez v Ciolek, 237 Cal.App.4th 1311 (2015) does a good job of identifying the challenges in establishing the reasonableness of medical bills when the medical bills have not been paid. The bills themselves will not meet the burden of establishing reasonableness and […]