You put your life, your family, your health, your home and your fortune into the hands of professionals who claim expertise and ability. When you are injured by their failure to meet professional standards in their field, you may be able to pursue compensation just as you would for any other injury.

Professional malpractice includes:

  • Attorney Malpractice or Incompetent Legal Counsel
  • Insurance Agent Errors or Omissions (E&O’s)
  • Financial Broker Mistakes
  • Real Estate Agent Frauds or Error

Professional malpractice can lead to serious financial turmoil, often at the worst possible time. There’s no good time to discover that you have been misled about the value of a home or that your insurance agent failed to provide coverage after you need to file a claim. We have been representing clients in a wide range of professional malpractice claims for years, and we have built a proven track record of reliable and experienced work. You shouldn’t be asked to carry the burden when professional malpractice results in serious physical or financial injury.