Carjacker Causes Multi-Vehicle Crash in Agoura Hills

On March 31, a violent carjacker in Agoura Hills crashed into multiple vehicles in a grocery store parking lot. Nearby pedestrians were watching the female carjacker smash through multiple cars while leaving a trail of broken car pieces behind her.

According to KTLA, officers at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station received reports that there was an assault with a deadly weapon at the parking lot of a Ralph’s grocery store. The location is on the 5800 block of Kanan Road.


Multi-Vehicle Crash in Agoura Hills

One of the damaged vehicles after the incident. Source: KTLA.

The suspect was 27-year-old Dakota Daniels. She was attempting to rob a 75-year-old woman of her purse while she was sitting in a parked car. The victim struggled to keep her purse until the suspect pulled her from the vehicle and threw her to the ground.

The at-fault driver then entered the victim’s vehicle and attempted to escape. However, instead of driving away, she crashed into multiple vehicles within the parking lot. She drove straight into parked cars as well as reversing directly into them. She crashed into eight vehicles and one cinder block wall. She crashed into eight vehicles and one cinder block wall.

Drivers were still inside some of the parked cars and vehicles that the carjacker smashed into during the violent scene.


Multi-Vehicle Crash in Agoura Hills

The location of the incident – a Ralph’s parking lot. Source: KTLA.

The suspect crashed into a parked SUV before finally exiting the vehicle and running away on foot. Witnesses described what happened after the suspect went on foot. They explained that she tripped on a curb and fell onto the ground which allowed people nearby to hold her down and stop her until the police arrived.

It is currently unknown whether the suspect was on drugs or intoxicated during the disastrous event.

The 75-year-old victim was said to be shocked and rattled after the frightening scene. She suffered several minor injuries as a result of the incident.

Multi-Vehicle Crash in Agoura Hills

Pedestrians holding down the at-fault driver while waiting for officials to arrive. Source: KTLA.

Local police officers explained that a security device was placed on the stolen car’s steering wheel. This made it much more difficult for the suspect to steer the vehicle while attempting to escape the multi-vehicle crash in Agoura Hills.

The at-fault driver was arrested immediately upon police arrival. She arrived at Lost Hills jail where she faced multiple charges. These charges included vandalism, carjacking, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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