Runaway Tire Causes Violent Car Crash on the 118 Freeway

Violent Car Crash

Tesla dash-cam capturing the moment a Kia ran over a tire on the 118 Freeway in Chatsworth. This caused the Kia to fly into the air before crashing back onto the ground. Source: KTLA.

On March 23, a violent car crash occurred on the 118 Freeway near De Soto Avenue in Chatsworth. The accident sent a car and its driver into mid air before crashing onto the road. The car was spinning in the air for multiple seconds before hitting the ground.


Violent Car Crash

A Chevrolet pickup truck transitioned into the middle lane of the Freeway moments before the accident. A dark-colored Kia approached the left side of the truck. As the two cars were nearly parallel to each other, the Chevrolet’s front driver’s side tire was disconnected from the car. The tire went in front of the Kia, sending the Kia into a mid air spin. It crashed back onto the freeway hood-first and then rolled into an upright position.

The driver of the Kia was a 29-year-old woman from Panorama. Even though the car was totaled in the violent car crash, the woman did not sufferViolent Car Crash major injuries and was able to walk away from her damaged vehicle.

CHP Officer Weston Haver told KTLA that “It just shows when you’re simply driving down the freeway, some pretty dramatic things can happen really quickly…Thankfully, that party that was in the Kia had very minor injuries…and that’s because (she) was wearing a seatbelt.”


Violent Car CrashIt appears that there is no reason to believe the driver of the truck was either speeding or driving recklessly before the accident. In fact, it is unlikely that the driver will face any criminal charges whatsoever. The driver of the pickup is a 24-year-old man from Canoga Park.

CHP Officer Weston Haver said “I know there are some reports that the party was trying to flee the scene, but he was simply pulling to the right shoulder, which if you can do safely…do that because you don’t want other cars hitting you.”

CHP officials are currently investigating the Chevrolet truck. They are determining when it was last serviced, whether it was modified, or any other factors that could have caused the tire to become loose.

The video of the crash was captured by a Tesla dashboard camera. The Tesla was damaged by some of the debris that fell off the Kia. Fortunately, the driver of the Tesla, Anoop Khatra, was uninjured.

Accidents like these should never happen and it is a true tragedy when one does occur.

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