Wrongful Death In Los Angeles After One Car Crashes Into a Bank

Around 5:28 p.m. on June 7, one person was killed and two others were hospitalized in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood in Los Angeles. A vehicle jumped off the road and drove onto the sidewalk. The at-fault driver then hit three pedestrians before crashing his vehicle into the front of a Chase Bank building.


Wrongful Death in Los Angeles

The at-fault driver’s Hyundai in front of the Chase Bank building. Source: KTLA.

The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to 6161 West Pico Boulevard near La Cienega Boulevard. The fire department found two of the three victims of the crash trapped under a black Hyundai sedan.

According to KTLA, all three victims of the auto accident were rushed to the hospital. A 19-year-old male was said to be in fair condition while a 51-year-old male and a 48-year-old female were in serious condition. Unfortunately, the 51-year-old man did not survive his injuries and passed away in the hospital.

Los Angeles Police Department Captain Ben Fernandes revealed, “They are all family members.”

The at-fault driver was an adult male that was treated by paramedics after the accident. He was not sent to the hospital. Moreover, the Los Angeles Police Department said that the at-fault driver remained at the scene and was fully cooperative with the investigators.


Wrongful Death in Los Angeles

The at-fault driver’s vehicle in front of Chase Bank after striking three pedestrians. Source: KTLA.

Surveillance video revealed the at-fault driver heading eastbound on Pico Boulevard. He turned left on La Cienega Boulevard before swerving his Hyundai to avoid traffic.

The surveillance clip does not display the scene of the auto accident. However, it captures the aftermath of the crash. The Chase Bank and Hyundai were both shown to be badly damaged and nearby each other. Some clothing and personal items that belonged to the victims were scattered close-by.

Wrongful Death in Los Angeles

The at-fault driver’s Hyundai after the wrongful death accident. Source: KTLA.

Before the fire department arrived, witnesses explained that they saw bystanders rushing to help the victims immediately after the crash. The area of the crash is close to a popular bus stop that increases in popularity during rush hour. Since the accident took place close to 5:30 p.m., more people were waiting for the bus while the accident occurred.

Accidents like these should never happen and it is a true tragedy when one does occur. Our hearts go out to the victims and their family.

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