Westlake Wrongful Death Case: Court Delays Justice For Family

It is common that we hear about a Defendant’s “right to a speedy trial.” In other words, someone charged with a crime has a right to have their case heard as soon as possible. If a defendant was truly innocent, they would ultimately want a trial sooner rather than later. This is because society views infringements on people’s freedom as a more serious consequence than anything else. Hence, the old adage, “it is better that 10 guilty persons go free, than 1 innocent be found guilty.”

However, the “right to a speedy trial for a victim (or their family members) is something that rarely seems to be discussed. Victims should have a “right to a speedy trial” as well. It would ensure the victim and/or their family members see justice occur and possibly begin some form of healing after going through a tragic event that should have never occurred altogether. By continuing to delay criminal trials for years and years, victims of the crimes are stuck in the same time period. Often, the worst time period of their lives. 

This is currently the case for the Iskander family.


Justice For The Iskander Family

Mark, age 11, was gifted in math and science. He loved reptiles and ice hockey. He had an unmatched sense of humor and shared his charisma with his brother, Jacob. Source: The Mark and Jacob Iskander Foundation.

The Iskander family, along with Residents of Westlake Village, California have been mourning the loss of two beautiful children for over two years. Mark (11) and Jacob (8) Iskander were tragically killed in an auto accident by an “alleged” drunk driver in September, 2020. The boys were in a marked crosswalk in Westlake Village with their mother and younger brother. Their mom and younger brother barely escaped the same fate.

Residents of the Westlake community wonder: Where is their speedy trial? The “alleged” drunk driver has seemingly been dodging any sort of responsibility for her actions in the wrongful death case for over two years now. TWO YEARS since the parents of the young boys, Nancy and Karim Iskander, and the community that has rallied behind them, have gone without justice.

Nancy and Karim Iskander have been inspirations to everyone throughout this entire wrongful death case. The community of Westlake Village and the surrounding areas have witnessed their resilience, faith, and kindness while enduring this extremely difficult process.

Nancy and Karim are both heroes for bearing through the trial with strength, courage, and patience. For what they have been through, they deserve justice more than anyone else. This is why the community was “up-in-arms” when the Judge once again postponed the trial until May, 2023.

Westlake Village residents can’t help but wonder if money is playing a factor in the cause of these delays. The accused at-fault driver of this wrongful death, Rebecca Grossman, married into tremendous wealth. If her finances were simply average, would there already have been justice long ago?


Many people who attended the last court proceeding complained about a recent news article written by LA Magazine. It’s possible LA Magazine’s following is decreasing as some describe the publication as a “D-List news publication”. Residents are wondering if they have been attempting to demean the Iskander family supporters by uploading articles with false or misleading information. If they have, it seems like LA Magazine may be failing tremendously.

Unfortunately for Rebecca Grossman and LA Magazine, this strategy will likely only favor real-life heroes, Nancy and Karim Iskander. LA Magazine’s news articles will only bring this already tight-knit community closer together and make the support for the Iskander family stronger than ever.


On Facebook, there is a group called, “Justice for Mark and Jacob Iskander,” where roughly 1,600 community members come together to support one another and spread love. Most importantly, they make it clear that the most important thing above all else during this wrongful death case is that we need true JUSTICE for the Iskander family.


Justice For The Iskander Family

Jacob, age 8, never shied away from adventure and excitement. He loved running track because he was able to showcase his speed, strength, and sportsmanship. He was a great friend to all and had an infectious smile. Source: The Mark and Jacob Iskander Foundation.

There is a wonderful foundation that has been started in the name of the Iskander boys. The foundation provides support to underserved children and allows children to reach their full potential academically, socially, and psychologically. This is achieved by offering the children love, support, and all the tools that they need to succeed.

For those that wish to support the Iskander Foundation, you can go to markandjacobfoundation.org and/or the “Justice For Mark and Jacob Iskander” page on Facebook.

We wish for justice for the Iskander family and most importantly for these real-life heroes, Nancy and Karim Iskander. Our hearts go out to the Iskanders and their entire family.