Venus Williams in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Although she made it to the 2017 Wimbledon final in London, England, tennis superstar Venus Williams faced legal trouble in a wrongful death lawsuit back home in Florida. Williams is not the only athlete to face legal trouble, and she is not the only celebrity to be embroiled in a wrongful death lawsuit. Williams’ insurance provider could be out millions, depending on the verdict of the trial. At this point, a trial may not even occur, as Williams’ insurer could settle out of court.

What Happened?

In early June, Williams was driving in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, when she entered an intersection. As she entered, her path was blocked by another vehicle, which was turning. Due to the turning automobile, Williams’ SUV was unable to move, and the traffic light turned red.

Suddenly, a vehicle being driven by Linda Barson entered the intersection and slammed into Williams’ SUV. The Barson’s car had a green light, but Williams’ vehicle was still blocking the route. Linda and Jerome Barson were both in the vehicle, and the latter was badly injured. Due to his injuries, he died two weeks later in the hospital.

Was it Williams’s Fault?

Initially, it was determined that Williams was at fault for the accident, and shortly after Jerome Barson’s death, she was implicated in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Barson family. After a police investigation and the discovery of a surveillance video, it was discovered that Wiliams was not at fault for the accident after all. The video evidence proved that Williams was obeying traffic laws when the accident occurred.

What does it Mean for Williams?

The evidence proved that Williams was not at fault, and therefore, she did not receive a traffic citation. In addition, she is now – barring no new evidence being found – cleared of any wrong doing in causing the traffic accident. Williams can still be sued for wrongful death, but it looks like Williams has a better defense now than if the video evidence had not been found. The video evidence, it shows Williams acted reasonably when driving. In fact, if Williams had been hurt in the accident, the video evidence would have benefited the tennis star in suing Linda Barson for personal injury.


Williams was blamed for the accident in the beginning, and the press had a field day with the police alleging she was guilty. Williams even walked away from a press conference at Wimbledon in tears after being asked about the accident. Unfortunately, due to Williams being a major sports star, she was an easy mark for the press, despite being clear of any wrong doing.

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