Hit and Run Accidents Kill Innocent People

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, hit and run accidents kill around 1,500 people each year. It is estimated that 11% of all police reports following traffic accidents involve a driver who has fled the scene either in their automobile or on foot. There are certain things that all drivers and pedestrians involved in hit and run accidents should do. There are also a number of things those same drivers and pedestrians should not do following a traffic collision. Here we will look at the prevalence of hit and run accidents and why they occur.

Hit and Run Accidents Kill

During a 10-year study, between 1994 and 2003, it was found that nearly 15,000 people died from hit and run accidents. Although many believe hit and run accidents only involve two or more cars, it was found that 60% of those killed were pedestrians killed by automobiles. Often, pedestrians are more likely to die in a hit and run accident as they are hit by automobiles going at high speeds and they are more physically exposed than drivers in a car.

Days of Week

In the same research performed from 1994 to 2003, it was discovered that most hit and run accidents occurr during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. More people are out on the roads for social reasons on the weekends. Whether it is driving or walking, people go out more during the evenings than during the days from Friday through Sunday night. Many of the accidents took place between 9pm and 3am. The increase in hit and run accidents during this timeframe on the weekends can also be due to alcohol and drug intoxication. Those who flee the scene may do so because of being over the legal limit or having drugs in their system.

Why do Drivers Flee the Scene of an Accident?

According to studies done on hit and run accidents, there are several reasons why drivers flee the scene of an accident. One reason is self-preservation. In this instance, the driver only thinks about avoiding punishment. A study by the Department of Criminology at Leicester University found that this was the largest group of people involved in hit and run accidents. Interestingly, some research has found that some of these drivers flee the scene of an accident because they are afraid that witnesses may inflict violence upon them.

Another reason that drivers flee the scene of an accident is that they dismiss the seriousness of the accident, and feel that everything will be fine if they leave. Another reason that drivers flee the scene of an accidents is that they are intoxicated and hoping to avoid the legal implications of driving while under the influence.

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