Child on Bicycle Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury After Hit By Vehicle

On August 5, two 14-year-old boys were hit by a vehicle while riding their bike near Camarillo’s Premium Outlets. One boy, Ethan Jordan, was hospitalized for suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Ethan and the other boy were riding their bikes through a parking lot when they were hit by a car heading south. The two boys were immediately sent to a hospital for their injuries.

The Children’s Injuries

One boy suffered minor incidents due to the accident and is currently recovering at home. He was alert at the time the paramedics arrived. The other boy, Ethan, suffered more severe injuries as a result of the accident.

Ethan’s mother, Nova Jordan, told KTLA that a truck yielded for the boys riding their bicycles. However, another vehicle went around the truck and struck the children. The driver of this motor vehicle was a 68-year-old female. She remained on the scene after the boys were hospitalized.

Nova said that her son was caught under the automobile and dragged across the ground. He did not have a pulse when paramedics arrived on the scene. His brain injury was extensive because he did not receive oxygen for 20 minutes after the accident.

GoFundMe Page

Ethan Jordan is one of seven siblings in a blended family. The Jordans created a GoFundMe page to help with his traumatic brain injury. According to his family, he also suffered a cracked sternum, collapsed lung, fractured vertebrae, and serious road rash.

According to the fundraising page, Ethan’s status is “day to day…we won’t know the status of the damage to his brain due to being without oxygen for a period of time.” Although, everyone is exceptionally “hopeful and optimistic” for his recovery from the accident. The page continues by saying that Ethan is a “good kid.” He is the child that parents want their kids to be friends with. He has always been someone that is “extremely respectful, helpful, and caring.”

The fundraising page has been extremely successful to this day. The Jordans have raised over $30,000 with over 350 donations received for their child.

We wish Ethan and his family all the best during this challenging time.

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