Auto Accident Causes Serious Injuries in Oak Park

According to the Ventura County Star, two teenage girls were seriously injured after getting hit by a car in Oak Park on Sunday, September 11. The Ventura County Fire Department and California Highway Patrol reported that the auto accident occurred shortly after 7:45 p.m. near the intersection of Kanan Road and Smoke Tree Avenue.

Teenage Girls Injured

CHP reports indicated that the two 17-year-old girls were found lying on the street. Their injuries were in need of immediate medical assistance. The two victims were transported to Los Robles Medical Center for treatment.

The At-Fault Driver

The at-fault driver was a 71-year-old woman from Palmdale. She was driving northbound on Kanan Avenue toward Smoke Tree Avenue in a 2005 Toyota Camry. She was heading down the street at 40 miles per hour and did not stop her car at the red light of an intersection. This is when she hit the two teenage girls. Additionally, the driver remained on the scene and was uninjured by the accident.

After The Auto Accident

No arrests were made on the scene. Both drugs and alcohol were believed to be non-factors in the auto accident.

Due to the Oak Park accident, CHP released reminders to both drivers and pedestrians. One reminder for drivers is to always be aware of their surroundings. The other reminder is for pedestrians to always look both ways before crossing the street. If these reminders are followed strictly every single day, similar auto accidents will be reduced.

Even the slightest decrease of auto accidents on the road can make a massive difference in ensuring public safety. If everyone took the time to analyze their surroundings while driving or look both ways before crossing a street, public health would benefit greatly.

We wish the two girls a healthy and speedy recovery.

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