Do I Need a Wrongful Death Attorney?

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When a death occurs at the hands of a negligent person, organization, or entity, that party can be held liable for causing the death. Legal fault must be proven in the court of law for the family of a deceased person to receive any type of compensation. All wrongful death lawsuits must be filed by a victim’s surviving family or a representative of the victim.

The Kelsey Fourdyce Case

In May of 2017, the parents of Kelsey Fourdyce filed a wrongful death lawsuit against 626 Jackson Street LLC in San Francisco Superior Court. Fourdyce was found dead in the Great Star Theater in San Francisco and was the victim of rape. Toxicology reports found a date rape drug in her bloodstream.

Fourdyce was apparently attending an evening event at the Chinatown theater, but was not found until noon the next day. The family is holding the venue responsible for her death and hope to obtain “general damages, special damages, interest, all legal fees and any other relief as the court deems just”.

Who can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A representative can file a wrongful death lawsuit on the part of a victim. There are several representatives that can file a claim, and they include:

  • Immediate family members, like in the case of Kelsey Fourdyce,
  • Life partners,
  • Financial dependents,
  • Common law spouses, also known as putative spouses,
  • Distant relatives,
  • All person connected to a victim who suffer financially from the death, and
  • Parents of a deceased baby or fetus.

Who can be Sued in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A representative can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against a wide variety of entities. For example, the parents of Kelsey Fourdyce have filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the Great Star Theater. Those who can be sued in a wrongful death lawsuit include:

  • An employer at fault in a vehicle accident,
  • The driver of a company at fault in a vehicle accident,
  • A government employee who didn’t give enough warning in regards to road dangers that led to an accident,
  • A company, employer, or business that provided or installed a dangerous part of the vehicle,
  • An individual which provided alcohol to an already under the influence driver, or
  • The owner of a business or property that served alcohol to someone who was impaired from drinking or drugs.

California Utility Lawsuit

In May of 2017, the families of 18 people who died in Oakland, California filed a lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric. The families claimed that the warehouse the individuals were working in had faulty and illegally installed electrical hookups. There had been numerous complaints about the warehouse, but nothing had ever been done about them. Now, the families are seeking to punish PG&E for negligence and the wrongful deaths of their loved ones.

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