How Much is Your Slip and Fall Claim Worth?

Recently, we looked at what you should do following a slip and fall at a store, restaurant, or shop. Once you have fallen and taken the necessary legal steps following the accident, it is important to know just how much your claim is worth.

The simple answer to how much a slip and fall is worth depends on the circumstances of the accident. Not all accidents are the same, and the medical expenses and situation in which the accident happened can change everything.

In the News

In March, a court in Pennsylvania awarded a slip and fall victim $2.1 million. The incident occurred in a Target store where the woman slipped on a recently mopped floor. As she fell, the victim tore her hamstring.

It is not only stores that can be sued for not maintaining their property. The city of Detroit has been sued for millions of dollars due to poorly looked after sidewalks. The resulting lawsuits hurt an already financially strapped city.

As stated before, not all accidents and injuries are alike, and therefore, not all claims can be worth the same amount of money. What can you consider in determining just how much your claim is worth?

Medical Expenses

Your medical expenses for the bills incurred by the fall need to be taken into account. However, it is important to consider any future medical bills that will occur due to the injury, as well.

Often the compensation you can expect to receive will be the amount that covers your medical expenses.


Pain & Suffering

Although it is difficult to gauge the pain and suffering you go through following a slip and fall, it can be factored into the amount you receive for the accident.

Keep in mind, like a car accident, you may not experience certain injuries for some time. These injuries may not surface for days or weeks. It is important to report them when you do.

The accident will dictate the amount received in pain and suffering. A fractured bone that needs surgery will most likely receive more in pain and suffering than an ankle sprain.


If an injury due to a slip and fall keeps you from work, you may be entitled to receive your missed wages. Before you can claim this money, however, you will need to have your salary and work hours verified by your employer. You may sustain an injury so severe that you are unable to work or earn as much money as you did previously. This can have an effect on you and your family in the future. In some cases, you can claim for your lost earnings potential.


After a slip and fall, you may have additional expenses due to doctor’s appointments, meetings with an attorney, or similar dates you must now pay travel expenses on. You can claim for these additional expenses.

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