Defective Product Liability Claims

When a product is defective, it can have wide ranging effects on the people that use it. Even if you are not the direct user, a defective product can affect your life. We have all seen automobile recalls on the nightly news. When a person uses a defective automobile, it can put the lives of thousands of people in danger. Defective products can include anything from toys and medicine to artificial limbs.

While some defective products can simply cause embarrassment for those that use them, others can cause serious injury. If a defective product causes injury to you, you may be able to obtain compensation from the manufacturer. Cases involving defective products can vary, and knowing more about the product and any related cases can keep you in the know regarding when you may have a product liability claim.

Let’s look deeper into defective products.

Categories of Product Liability Claims

Defective Product

There are three main categories of product liability claims. The first is if the product was defective due to a problem in its creation. In this case, the product was made with a flaw. Due to the flaw, an injury was sustained by the user which needed medical attention. Product liability in these cases are not just reserved for items bought from stores. Johnson and Johnson was hit with a $1 billion verdict after it reportedly hide flaws from patients who received surgical implants.

Poor Design

A product’s design can make it a dangerous item to use, which makes it possible to file a product liability claim if you become injured by it. Unlike a defective product where one item is flawed, a poor design is across all the items in the product’s line. An example of poorly designed product is the recent trend of exploding e-cigarette batteries. Due to the design of the product, a number of e-cigarette smokers have experienced injury from the batteries becoming too hot. E-cigarette explosions are on the rise due to the number of people using the product.

Poor Warning or Instructions

When a product’s warnings or instructions are inadequate, it can lead to injury. These cases seem to be easily avoidable, but the manufacturer fails to put the appropriate warnings on the product. The user’s injury must be due to the poor warning or lack thereof to receive compensation.


Each product liability case is uniquely different due to the various products, injuries, and manufacturers involved. Experts in product liability believe many cases are not settled early, and go to trial due to their complexity.

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