Can You Sue for Toy-Related Injuries to Children?

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Toy-related injuries to children are common, and according to reports, a child is injured by a toy every three minutes in the US. In 2014, CNN reported that emergency room statistics for children suffering toy-related injuries between 1990 and 20011 were up nearly 50%. The most common toys that caused injury were those that children could sit on and ride.

More Common than You Think

According to, an estimated 217,000 children are treated in hospitals for injuries from toys each year. In 2005, 20 children died from a toy-related accident, and a year later, 22 deaths were reported.

In 2000, a Los Angeles family filed a lawsuit against Burger King and the makers of Pokemon toys after their toddler suffocated on one of the promotional items given out. The young child died when she placed a piece of the plastic casing for the toy over her mouth. Unfortunately, her older brother and sister watched the event take place right in front of them as their mother showered.

Kira was not the only child harmed due to the promotional toy, and Burger King recalled the product, making it the largest recall of a toy up to that point.

Causes of Injuries from Toys

There are several causes of toy-related injuries, and each depends on the toy the child is playing with. Some of the most common include:

  • Choking on small parts,
  • Drowning if toys are played with in or near water,
  • Suffocation, and
  • In the case of a riding toy, if the child is hit by a motorized vehicle or rides into a body of water.

The Cost of Toy-Related Injuries

It is estimated that $385 billion is spent each year on emergency room treatment for children injured by toys. In many cases, simple parent supervision can eliminate the risks children experience playing with toys, especially when it comes to ride-on toys.

According to Newsweek, parents who are unaware of product recalls put their children at risk. In 2007, 104 different types of toys were recalled, and without parents being familiar with these recalls, it would have been extremely difficult to know if their child’s toys landed on the list.

Age Plays a Factor

The age of the child plays a factor in the toy-related accidents that often occur. Children under 3 years old are often victims of choking, while older children are more likely to be injured due to using a ride-on toy.

While young children are more susceptible to certain types of injuries, all children are at risk of becoming victims.

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