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Big Truck Accident Lawyer Louisville

Big Truck Accident Lawyer Louisville

If you've been in any kind of auto accident, you might want to consider hiring a lawyer, regardless of whose fault it was. Building a strong case needs scientific and legal expertise, which an accident lawyer can help you with. If you’re looking for a big truck accident lawyer in Louisville, contact Winton & Hiestand Law Group today.

What type of lawyer helps you with truck accidents?

There are professionals with vast experience in car and auto accidents, as well as personal injury lawyers who can help in case of auto accidents. Compensation could be in the form of lost wages, repairs, and medical bills. Even if you’re the guilty party, an auto accident lawyer can still help you lessen the sentence that you would otherwise get.

A lawyer helps you build a strong case regardless of whether you’re the guilty or the innocent party. For example, they can gather the necessary evidence to prove your case. While you probably took photos of the scene already, they can help obtain footage that you would have difficulty obtaining, such as traffic camera videos. They will also communicate with investigating law enforcement officials to get more information to build your case.

Perhaps the important skill a lawyer brings here is the art of negotiation. They will communicate with the insurers of the other party as well as your own insurance company. They can use their negotiating ability to get you a better settlement or try to minimize any penalties or sentence if you’re the guilty party.

How to find a good accident lawyer

The best way to find a good auto accident lawyer is to get personal recommendations from your close circle of family or friends. You could also get great recommendations from other lawyers you may know, such as mortgage lawyers who would likely know lawyers specializing in accidents. If you’re searching online, have a look at your state’s bar association as every lawyer requires registration at one.

It’s also better to search for a lawyer near you or where the accident happened because they would be more familiar with the local area, courts, and law enforcement officials. Hence, they will know which evidence to collect to make a stronger case that convinces the judges. If you need a big truck accident lawyer in Louisville, contact our office for a free review of your case.

What questions to ask an accident attorney

Ideally, you should interview and speak to several lawyers before deciding on one. The most important things you should enquire about are their experience and success rate. What percentage of their accident cases were successful?

 How much of their practice deals with car or auto accident cases? Have they dealt with similar cases to yours before? These are all important questions. You should also enquire about the structure of their fees and additional charges.

Are you in urgent need of a big truck accident lawyer in Louisville? Our law firm, Winton & Hiestand Law Group, has plenty of experience in successfully handling auto accident cases.

Big Truck Accident Lawyer Louisville
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