Five Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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When people are injured, they often think they can represent themselves instead of hiring a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies, who make money by not paying victims fair value for their claim, are hoping you don’t hire one. In some cases, victims of a personal injury wait too long before they seek the help of a lawyer, and by that time, it can be too late.

Hiring a reputable personal injury attorney to help you obtain compensation is key, and without an experienced lawyer by your side, you may not receive what you deserve.

Lawyers Can Negotiate for What You Deserve

Often, victims try to obtain compensation on their own, but they do not know how much to ask for. A personal injury attorney cannot tell you what you will receive in compensation, but he or she can give you an idea of what to seek when you look for compensation.

It is important to know that compensation is not to get you rich, but it is to put you back in the financial situation you were previously in before an injury.

Know the Legal Process

While you may want to save money by representing yourself in court, the fact is, unless you are a legal expert in field, you likely will not know all the nuances of the legal process. Sometimes, it is the details that well-seasoned lawyers are familiar with that can make all the difference.

You have enough to do after an injury. Let an attorney handle the court case.

Court is No Walk in the Park

If you are filing a lawsuit against a company or insurance group, they will not make it easy for you, nor will they want to part with money, no matter how small or large the figure. If you are not prepared to represent yourself in court, it can be a nightmare and an embarrassment in the end. A personal injury attorney can organize everything from witnesses, evidence and importance documents that are needed in court. A good lawyer will “create a case” for you.

Earn Their Keep

Personal injury attorneys are paid based on the compensation they obtain for you. Therefore, they are working to get paid. In addition, many personal injury lawyers have experience in claims against insurance companies. Having someone that is motivated to succeed and knows just who you are up against is vital for getting a positive result in a personal injury case.

Personal Injury Lawyers Get Results

It may sound cheesy, but personal injury lawyers get results. Whether it is in a settlement before going to trial or at trial, a lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.In settlements reached before trial, a personal injury lawyer can tell you whether a deal is worth taking or if trial is a better option. Often, juries side with the plaintiff in court, and your personal injury lawyer can advise you on whether going to court is the right move in your case.

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What Should You Do After a Dog Bite?

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Dog bites should not be taken lightly. Not only can a dog bite become infected, it can cause long-term health problems and expensive medical bills. A dog bite can also have psychological effects on a person. Moreover, there is no guarantee the dog will not strike again.

What do you do after a dog has bitten you? There are several steps you can take after a dog bite to ensure your health will not be greatly affected and that you get the compensation you deserve.

Seek Medical Attention

The types of injuries caused by a dog bite vary, but in extreme cases the victim may die after being attacked by a canine. Regardless of how serious a dog bite is, you should always seek medical attention afterwards. If the skin was broken by the dog’s teeth, the likelihood of a dog bite infection is high. Get yourself to the emergency room immediately. If the bite is severe, call 9-1-1 for medical assistance.

Treat it at Home

While it is recommended to go to the hospital after a dog bite, many California residents choose to treat dog bites at home. If you choose to do so, it is important to immediately wash the wound with soap and water. Washing the wound will eliminate bacteria in and around the area. It may not stop an infection, however, which is why a trip to the emergency room is a good idea.

Report the Dog to the Authorities

After seeking medical attention, it is important to contact the local health department to report the animal, especially if you believe the dog to be a stray. Stray dogs can carry diseases like rabies. If you can identify the dog and its owner, you should contact animal control and the police. In California, you are entitled to compensation if the dog’s owner can be found. However, practically speaking, they will most likely need to be covered by their homeowners insurance policy.

In some cases, drastic steps must be taken following a bite. In Concord, California, police recently shot a dog after it bit a 10-month-old baby.

Take Photos

Once you have reported the incident, make sure you take photographs of the wound. These can be used by your attorney to prove the severity of the damage.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Due to the medical expenses and trauma a dog bite can inflict on a victim, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney can get you a settlement that takes care of potentially extensive medical expenses.

In Fremont, California postal workers are being trained to prevent dog bites that would otherwise put them out of work.

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