What Should I Do if I’m Hit by an Uninsured Motorist?

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A motor vehicle accident can be shocking enough, but finding out that the other driver is uninsured can take the stress of the accident to an entirely different level. If you are injured or if your car is damaged, it can become expensive to pay the bills. So, what do you do if the other driver is not insured and your insurance will not cover all the expenses?

Insured or Uninsured

In 2012, it was estimated that nearly 15% of California motorists were uninsured. That figure ranked California 13th in the United States. Meanwhile, an unbelievable one-quarter of all motorists in Oklahoma were estimated to be uninsured. If the other driver in your accident is not insured, your own car insurance could take care of all the expenses you incur. However, in some cases this is not enough, especially if you are injured severely.

When you buy your vehicle insurance policy, there is an option to buy uninsured motorist coverage. This will cover your vehicle’s damages as well as medical bills in the case the other driver in an accident lacks automobile insurance. Purchasing uninsured motorist coverage is seen as the ideal and only way to potentially prevent losing thousands of dollars due to an uninsured driver. Getting the best vehicle insurance you can is a step in the right direction, but what happens to the other driver?

Traditional Negligence State

California is a traditional negligence state when it comes to auto accidents. Due to the Golden State’s stance on car collisions, you can file a lawsuit against the person that hit you if he or she does not have auto insurance. In this case, you will need to prove it was the other driver’s fault for hitting you and causing the accident.

Problems with Lawsuits Against Uninsured Drivers

You can already guess the problem with filing a lawsuit against an uninsured driver. If you can prove it was his or her fault and you win your case, it can be difficult, or even impossible, to obtain any compensation.

Catch-22 Auto Insurance

In some cases, drivers who have their automobiles totaled can receive zero in compensation from their insurers. Of course, if the other driver is not insured, you will not receive any money from him or her, either. Your insurer could refrain from paying out due to your policy. It is important to read over the policy when you purchase it.

In a recent case, one man who was injured in a car accident by an under-insured motorist sued his auto insurance company for not paying his medical bills. The under-insured motorist’s policy was not enough to pay for his treatment, which has brought on the lawsuit.

Best Advice

Insurance experts advise buying uninsured motorist coverage to make sure you are protected. Even if you are injured, it may be impossible to receive compensation in court.

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Cyclists Receive Huge Cash Settlements

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The city of San Diego will pay one local cyclist a whopping $4.85 million following an early settlement in March of 2017. The settlement is one of the largest ever paid to a cyclist in the state after Clifford Brown was injured as a result to the Southern California city’s poorly maintained sidewalks.

How did it Happen?

On a normal San Diego day in 2014, Brown was simply cycling to visit a friend. Suddenly, he was thrown from his bike when he hit a tree root that had grown under the sidewalk and fractured the pavement.

In the fall that sent Brown 28 feet from where he made contact with the tree root, the cyclist tore ligaments in his spinal cord. He also sustained cuts, bruises and lost several teeth. When Brown landed on his head, doctors believed he may have had a stroke as well.

In all, the injuries led to a month-long stay in the hospital, 60 days of rehabilitation and constant in-home care that lasts to this day.

Who was Liable?

Brown’s attorney argued that the city was responsible for the cyclist’s injuries due its cuts in sidewalk maintenance. The city of San Diego agreed to the settlement before going to trial as the amount due to Brown could have been considerably more if a jury was involved.

Los Angeles Cyclist Killed

In early May, Los Angeles City council agreed to a settlement of its own after a man was killed in Eagle Rock. Edgardo Gabat was riding with a cycling group when he hit uneven pavement and was sent flying off his bike in 2014.

Like San Diego, the city was sued for not maintaining its sidewalks. The area that Gabat had been riding in was labeled as “bicycle friendly,” but it was anything but safe on the night of his death. Gabat’s fall was so brutal that the helmet he was wearing was not enough to absorb the impact of the pavement on the back of his head.

LA is said to have a number of deteriorated streets that have been forgotten about by the city council. These streets are now injury and wrongful death traps waiting to claim more victims.

Cyclist Deaths and Injuries

According to WeLoveCycling.com, California ranks as seventh in the United States in cyclist deaths. Every day, millions of Californians cycle to work, school or to see friends, yet some of the state’s roadways are far from safe due to poor maintenance. To improve these cities for cyclists, joggers, and walkers, it may take more large personal injury lawsuit settlements for changes to be made.

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