Five Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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When people are injured, they often think they can represent themselves instead of hiring a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies, who make money by not paying victims fair value for their claim, are hoping you don’t hire one. In some cases, victims of a personal injury wait too long before they seek the help of a lawyer, and by that time, it can be too late.

Hiring a reputable personal injury attorney to help you obtain compensation is key, and without an experienced lawyer by your side, you may not receive what you deserve.

Lawyers Can Negotiate for What You Deserve

Often, victims try to obtain compensation on their own, but they do not know how much to ask for. A personal injury attorney cannot tell you what you will receive in compensation, but he or she can give you an idea of what to seek when you look for compensation.

It is important to know that compensation is not to get you rich, but it is to put you back in the financial situation you were previously in before an injury.

Know the Legal Process

While you may want to save money by representing yourself in court, the fact is, unless you are a legal expert in field, you likely will not know all the nuances of the legal process. Sometimes, it is the details that well-seasoned lawyers are familiar with that can make all the difference.

You have enough to do after an injury. Let an attorney handle the court case.

Court is No Walk in the Park

If you are filing a lawsuit against a company or insurance group, they will not make it easy for you, nor will they want to part with money, no matter how small or large the figure. If you are not prepared to represent yourself in court, it can be a nightmare and an embarrassment in the end. A personal injury attorney can organize everything from witnesses, evidence and importance documents that are needed in court. A good lawyer will “create a case” for you.

Earn Their Keep

Personal injury attorneys are paid based on the compensation they obtain for you. Therefore, they are working to get paid. In addition, many personal injury lawyers have experience in claims against insurance companies. Having someone that is motivated to succeed and knows just who you are up against is vital for getting a positive result in a personal injury case.

Personal Injury Lawyers Get Results

It may sound cheesy, but personal injury lawyers get results. Whether it is in a settlement before going to trial or at trial, a lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.In settlements reached before trial, a personal injury lawyer can tell you whether a deal is worth taking or if trial is a better option. Often, juries side with the plaintiff in court, and your personal injury lawyer can advise you on whether going to court is the right move in your case.

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If you or a loved one has experienced an injury and the medical expenses that come with it, contact Flahavan Law Offices. Flahavan Law Offices specializes in personal injury law and can give you advice on the compensation you deserve. Visit our homepage or contact us directly. Flahavan Law Offices is here to help with all your personal injury law needs.


How Much is Your Slip and Fall Claim Worth?

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Recently, we looked at what you should do following a slip and fall at a store, restaurant, or shop. Once you have fallen and taken the necessary legal steps following the accident, it is important to know just how much your claim is worth.

The simple answer to how much a slip and fall is worth depends on the circumstances of the accident. Not all accidents are the same, and the medical expenses and situation in which the accident happened can change everything.

In the News

In March, a court in Pennsylvania awarded a slip and fall victim $2.1 million. The incident occurred in a Target store where the woman slipped on a recently mopped floor. As she fell, the victim tore her hamstring.

It is not only stores that can be sued for not maintaining their property. The city of Detroit has been sued for millions of dollars due to poorly looked after sidewalks. The resulting lawsuits hurt an already financially strapped city.

As stated before, not all accidents and injuries are alike, and therefore, not all claims can be worth the same amount of money. What can you consider in determining just how much your claim is worth?

Medical Expenses

Your medical expenses for the bills incurred by the fall need to be taken into account. However, it is important to consider any future medical bills that will occur due to the injury, as well.

Often the compensation you can expect to receive will be the amount that covers your medical expenses. 

Pain & Suffering

Although it is difficult to gauge the pain and suffering you go through following a slip and fall, it can be factored into the amount you receive for the accident.

Keep in mind, like a car accident, you may not experience certain injuries for some time. These injuries may not surface for days or weeks. It is important to report them when you do.

The accident will dictate the amount received in pain and suffering. A fractured bone that needs surgery will most likely receive more in pain and suffering than an ankle sprain.


If an injury due to a slip and fall keeps you from work, you may be entitled to receive your missed wages. Before you can claim this money, however, you will need to have your salary and work hours verified by your employer. You may sustain an injury so severe that you are unable to work or earn as much money as you did previously. This can have an effect on you and your family in the future. In some cases, you can claim for your lost earnings potential.


After a slip and fall, you may have additional expenses due to doctor’s appointments, meetings with an attorney, or similar dates you must now pay travel expenses on. You can claim for these additional expenses.

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If you or a loved one has experienced a slip and fall accident and the medical expenses that come with it, contact Flahavan Law Offices. Flahavan Law Offices specializes in personal injury law and can give you advice on the compensation you deserve. Visit our dedicated page on slips and falls or contact us directly. Flahavan Law Offices is here to help with all your personal injury law needs.

Kevin Flahavan Named to Rising Stars List

In June, 2017, Kevin Flahavan was named to Super Lawyers Southern California’s Rising Stars List. An achievement given to the top 2.5% of attorneys under the age of 40 in Southern California! To read the full Super Lawyers Article click the link below….

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Best Attorney in Westlake Village
Kevin Flahavan: 2017 Southern California Rising Stars List

From Super Lawyers Magazine Rising Stars Edition June, 2017:

To say Kevin Flahavan feels at home in his new Westlake Village office would be an understatement. He literally grew up in a law firm. The son of William Flahavan, lead author of the “Personal Injury Practice Guide,” was just 8 years old when his dad turned part of the house into an office. He believes it is a big reason for his firm’s success.

“I remember all of the clients who would come to the house,” says Flahavan. “Without fully understanding the circumstances, I think I just associated them with friends and family. That mentality is something that has always stayed with me. I want to represent each of my clients just as I would my own family members.”

There was never a shortage of great attorneys around either. Flahavan is the godson of Tom Girardi of Girardi Keese and went to elementary school with the daughter of Larry Grassini of Grassini Wrinkle & Johnson. In 2016, he handled separate cases with each of their firms.

“These are people I’ve always looked up to,” says Flahavan. “You can learn a hundred things just from being around them for ten minutes. They each have their own unique style or way of doing things that make them great, but I think the one thing they have in common is a genuine care for their clients and a love for this profession. I like to think that’s one thing I share with them.”

Personal injury law has become the Flahavan family business. Kevin’s older brother, Brian Flahavan, has a firm in Northern California, which allows the Flahavans to handle cases throughout California. “My brother and I were extremely lucky to have such great parents,” says Flahavan. “They just wanted us to do something that we were passionate about. I think we saw how much our dad loved his work and his passion really rubbed off on us.”

Kevin Flahavan’s passion has been noticeable throughout the legal community. It’s one of the reasons why he was recently elected to the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association Board of Directors. In addition to his practice, Flahavan is passionate about animals. He is a sponsor of the Ventura County Sherriff’s K9 Golf Tournament and, as you can see, loves Dobermans.





What Should You Do if You Slip and Fall in a Store?

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Slipping and falling in a public place is no laughing matter. Often, the media and public like to suggest that lawsuits against public places like stores, shops, and restaurants are simply a money grab. Yet, in many cases, the victim’s injuries are real and serious. Along with the injuries being real, so are the medical bills that pile up and the lost wages that the victim must live without.

So, what should you do if you slip and fall in a store or another public place?

Immediately After a Slip and Fall

Immediately after a slip and fall, you should seek medical attention. The actions you take following the accident can influence any lawsuit you may bring against the establishment, so be sure to think things through before acting. A fall can cause you to become disoriented, and the embarrassment that ensues can make you want the ordeal to be over. However, by not seeking medical attention, you put yourself at a disadvantage if you need compensation later.

Find Witnesses

One of the most important things you can do after a slip and fall is to find potential witnesses. Be sure to get their information – name, phone number, and address – so that they can be contacted about the accident. A lawsuit against a major company can hinge on witness statements.

Fill out Paperwork

If the accident occurred in a store, restaurant or another shop, you should fill out a slip and fall accident report. You must notify the store’s manager and take any notes of the person or people you spoke with. Some managers will try to tell you that you should have been aware of the dangers before the accident happened.

A recent case in Michigan showed that not all slip and fall cases are straightforward, and a court could side against a plaintiff if the person should have known the risks ahead of time.

Get Photos

The great thing about modern technology is that many people carry a camera with them at all times, on their cell phone. Be sure to get photos of the area in which the accident occurred right away. Once you snap those images, get any pictures of injuries you incurred, as well. You should also take photos of any injuries over time as they change.


Some stores, especially big chains, will settle out of court with victims of a slip and fall if the evidence is damning. However, some will not, if they believe the money a victim wants for compensation is exorbitant.

In February, national food chain Kroger paid $700,000 in damages after an elderly man slipped on a puddle of water in the store. Kroger had initially refused to settle out of court for $400,000, but due to the surgery, concussion injuries, and effects to the 75-year-old victim’s wife, the jury awarded him nearly double. The case took around three years to complete, so do not expect all slip and fall cases to be quick.

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If you or a loved one has experienced a slip and fall accident and the medical expenses that come with it, contact Flahavan Law Offices. Flahavan Law Offices specializes in personal injury law and can give you advice on obtaining the compensation you deserve. Visit our dedicated page on slip and falls or contact us directly. Flahavan Law Offices is here to help with all your personal injury law needs.