Ventura County Drunk Driving Kills Innocent People

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Driving drunk kills people and causes large amounts of financial damage. However, thousands of people all over California continue to get behind the wheel after drinking. Taxi companies and ride-sharing apps now make it easier for individuals to get from bars and restaurants to their homes, yet drunk driving remains a serious problem.

How Big is the Problem?

In 2015, more than 10,200 people died from alcohol-related traffic accidents in the United States. According to the CDC, 1.8% of Californians reported they drive after drinking too much. That number may not sound very high, but compared to the national average of 1.9% that reportedly drive after excessive drinking, it shows that California is near the national average.

It’s not just drunk driving accidents that are occurring on the streets and highways of California. Drivers who are impaired by drugs are also getting behind the wheel and causing accidents. More and more California communities are trying to prevent automobile accidents from happening by setting up checkpoints, but these can only do so much.

Research shows that 30% of California drivers in deadly crashes had one or more drugs in their bloodstream. Studies are now finding that more drivers are impaired by drugs than drinking, and that substance is often marijuana.

Punishment for DWI and DUI

If an automobile accident takes place and there is no physical injury or death that results from it, a first conviction for DWI or DUI can still come with a hefty penalty in order to prevent an individual from re-offending.

  • Fines totaling around $1,800,
  • 48-hours in jail or 90-day license restriction,
  • A four-month suspension by the DMV,
  • Attendance and completion of an alcohol treatment program, and
  • Further restrictions on driving.

Despite the severity of the punishment dished out by the state, there are plenty of people who continue to drink and drive. In June of 2017, a California man was sentenced to four years in prison after he received his tenth drunk driving conviction in four years. Derek Haskayne’s continued drunk driving will now be stopped, but how many more just like him are on California’s roads?

Getting Compensation From a Drunk Driver

If you are injured by a drunk driver, you must prove that the driver was negligent due to his or her intoxication. Showing that the driver was merely intoxicated does not necessarily prove anything. However, proving that the intoxication caused the driver to act negligently or to drive negligently is important to win the case. If a driver is arrested for a DWI or DUI after the auto accident, there should not be much difficulty in gaining compensation for any injury incurred from the accident. In addition, there is a possibility of obtaining punitive damages if the at-fault driver is DUI. Punitive damages are additional awards aimed at deterring the at-fault party from this type of conduct.

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Five Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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When people are injured, they often think they can represent themselves instead of hiring a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies, who make money by not paying victims fair value for their claim, are hoping you don’t hire one. In some cases, victims of a personal injury wait too long before they seek the help of a lawyer, and by that time, it can be too late.

Hiring a reputable personal injury attorney to help you obtain compensation is key, and without an experienced lawyer by your side, you may not receive what you deserve.

Lawyers Can Negotiate for What You Deserve

Often, victims try to obtain compensation on their own, but they do not know how much to ask for. A personal injury attorney cannot tell you what you will receive in compensation, but he or she can give you an idea of what to seek when you look for compensation.

It is important to know that compensation is not to get you rich, but it is to put you back in the financial situation you were previously in before an injury.

Know the Legal Process

While you may want to save money by representing yourself in court, the fact is, unless you are a legal expert in field, you likely will not know all the nuances of the legal process. Sometimes, it is the details that well-seasoned lawyers are familiar with that can make all the difference.

You have enough to do after an injury. Let an attorney handle the court case.

Court is No Walk in the Park

If you are filing a lawsuit against a company or insurance group, they will not make it easy for you, nor will they want to part with money, no matter how small or large the figure. If you are not prepared to represent yourself in court, it can be a nightmare and an embarrassment in the end. A personal injury attorney can organize everything from witnesses, evidence and importance documents that are needed in court. A good lawyer will “create a case” for you.

Earn Their Keep

Personal injury attorneys are paid based on the compensation they obtain for you. Therefore, they are working to get paid. In addition, many personal injury lawyers have experience in claims against insurance companies. Having someone that is motivated to succeed and knows just who you are up against is vital for getting a positive result in a personal injury case.

Personal Injury Lawyers Get Results

It may sound cheesy, but personal injury lawyers get results. Whether it is in a settlement before going to trial or at trial, a lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.In settlements reached before trial, a personal injury lawyer can tell you whether a deal is worth taking or if trial is a better option. Often, juries side with the plaintiff in court, and your personal injury lawyer can advise you on whether going to court is the right move in your case.

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Kevin Flahavan Named to Rising Stars List

In June, 2017, Kevin Flahavan was named to Super Lawyers Southern California’s Rising Stars List. An achievement given to the top 2.5% of attorneys under the age of 40 in Southern California! To read the full Super Lawyers Article click the link below….

Read Full Article Here

Best Attorney in Westlake Village
Kevin Flahavan: 2017 Southern California Rising Stars List

From Super Lawyers Magazine Rising Stars Edition June, 2017:

To say Kevin Flahavan feels at home in his new Westlake Village office would be an understatement. He literally grew up in a law firm. The son of William Flahavan, lead author of the “Personal Injury Practice Guide,” was just 8 years old when his dad turned part of the house into an office. He believes it is a big reason for his firm’s success.

“I remember all of the clients who would come to the house,” says Flahavan. “Without fully understanding the circumstances, I think I just associated them with friends and family. That mentality is something that has always stayed with me. I want to represent each of my clients just as I would my own family members.”

There was never a shortage of great attorneys around either. Flahavan is the godson of Tom Girardi of Girardi Keese and went to elementary school with the daughter of Larry Grassini of Grassini Wrinkle & Johnson. In 2016, he handled separate cases with each of their firms.

“These are people I’ve always looked up to,” says Flahavan. “You can learn a hundred things just from being around them for ten minutes. They each have their own unique style or way of doing things that make them great, but I think the one thing they have in common is a genuine care for their clients and a love for this profession. I like to think that’s one thing I share with them.”

Personal injury law has become the Flahavan family business. Kevin’s older brother, Brian Flahavan, has a firm in Northern California, which allows the Flahavans to handle cases throughout California. “My brother and I were extremely lucky to have such great parents,” says Flahavan. “They just wanted us to do something that we were passionate about. I think we saw how much our dad loved his work and his passion really rubbed off on us.”

Kevin Flahavan’s passion has been noticeable throughout the legal community. It’s one of the reasons why he was recently elected to the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association Board of Directors. In addition to his practice, Flahavan is passionate about animals. He is a sponsor of the Ventura County Sherriff’s K9 Golf Tournament and, as you can see, loves Dobermans.





California’s Parking Lots are Full of Danger

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California’s parking lots can be dangerous places. Everyday, people slip, trip, and fall in the parking lots of major businesses or in parking garages. But it is not just slips, trips, and falls that pedestrians should be aware of when walking in a parking lot or parking garage.

Too often, vehicles drive too fast when looking for a free parking spot. Pedestrians can be in danger when cars are zooming through the area. In addition, vehicles backing out of parking spots can leave those on foot in danger. Drivers can be hampered by blind spots or could simply not see someone behind their vehicles.

What Causes a Parking Lot Accident?

When motorists enter a business’s parking lot, they are often focusing on other things. Whether their thoughts are on work, shopping, or looking for a good parking spot, drivers often fail to see those on foot.

Another cause of accidents are blind spots when a driver backs out of a parking spot. These blind spots can cause sudden fender benders or pedestrians to be hit. In April of 2017, a car backing out of a parking place at high-speed at a Chino, California church mowed down six pedestrians. Two were killed in the accident and the other four were left badly injured.

It is important to remember that parking lots can be confusing because traditional traffic laws do not apply. Drivers feel they can drive as recklessly as they want when entering or exiting a parking lot.

Due to the amount of traffic in a parking lot, people can become irritated easily. When drivers becoming aggressive in their search for a parking spot, accidents are more likely to occur.

Parking Lot Attacks

It is not just vehicles that pedestrians need to be aware of in parking lots. There have been a number of attacks by people on other people at nationally known shopping chains. Walmart is one such chain that has seen attacks on individuals in parking lots. In 2016, a disabled man was attacked by a woman who had parked in an accessible parking space. The disabled man was physically removed from his vehicle before being thrown to the ground. He suffered several injuries in the melee.

Parking Lot Safety Tips

* Be aware of other vehicles and pedestrians when you reverse from a parking space,

* Park away from the shopping center’s entrance where fewer cars are located,

* Pedestrians should not walk in the middle of driving lanes,

* Pedestrians should pay attention to the parking lot’s traffic, and

* If pedestrian walking areas are available, use them.

Accidents happen every day in parking lots across California. Whether it is in an automobile or on foot, injuries occur. If you have suffered an injury and your medical bills are piling up, then you should seek out the help of a personal injury attorney.

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Cyclists Receive Huge Cash Settlements

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The city of San Diego will pay one local cyclist a whopping $4.85 million following an early settlement in March of 2017. The settlement is one of the largest ever paid to a cyclist in the state after Clifford Brown was injured as a result to the Southern California city’s poorly maintained sidewalks.

How did it Happen?

On a normal San Diego day in 2014, Brown was simply cycling to visit a friend. Suddenly, he was thrown from his bike when he hit a tree root that had grown under the sidewalk and fractured the pavement.

In the fall that sent Brown 28 feet from where he made contact with the tree root, the cyclist tore ligaments in his spinal cord. He also sustained cuts, bruises and lost several teeth. When Brown landed on his head, doctors believed he may have had a stroke as well.

In all, the injuries led to a month-long stay in the hospital, 60 days of rehabilitation and constant in-home care that lasts to this day.

Who was Liable?

Brown’s attorney argued that the city was responsible for the cyclist’s injuries due its cuts in sidewalk maintenance. The city of San Diego agreed to the settlement before going to trial as the amount due to Brown could have been considerably more if a jury was involved.

Los Angeles Cyclist Killed

In early May, Los Angeles City council agreed to a settlement of its own after a man was killed in Eagle Rock. Edgardo Gabat was riding with a cycling group when he hit uneven pavement and was sent flying off his bike in 2014.

Like San Diego, the city was sued for not maintaining its sidewalks. The area that Gabat had been riding in was labeled as “bicycle friendly,” but it was anything but safe on the night of his death. Gabat’s fall was so brutal that the helmet he was wearing was not enough to absorb the impact of the pavement on the back of his head.

LA is said to have a number of deteriorated streets that have been forgotten about by the city council. These streets are now injury and wrongful death traps waiting to claim more victims.

Cyclist Deaths and Injuries

According to, California ranks as seventh in the United States in cyclist deaths. Every day, millions of Californians cycle to work, school or to see friends, yet some of the state’s roadways are far from safe due to poor maintenance. To improve these cities for cyclists, joggers, and walkers, it may take more large personal injury lawsuit settlements for changes to be made.

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